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Welcome to our Los Angeles, CA culinary class and premier summer cooking camps 2023.

Our program includes first-class instruction and lots of exploration and curated foodie tours of the greater Los Angeles area as well.  Our professional-level kitchen stocked with pro equipment creates endless possibilities. Our cooking camps feature numerous in-kitchen demos, special guests, and lots of time cooking a multitude of recipes from scratch.  Skill building and techniques taught each day contribute to making the recipes. All you need is a love of food and we have got the rest!  All skill levels accepted! A sister program to campusNYC in New York City and campusATX in Austin, TX!

Our students come from all over the USA and from all over the world. They love food and want to build their skills. We create endless possibilities in the kitchen! What do you want to create this summer? What skill are you looking to develop and grow? What will you make of your summer?

2023 DATES:

Dates Coming Soon


When it comes to the Summer Culinary family of programs, it always comes down to the kitchen. This is a pro level summer cooking camps with pro chefs in a pro kitchen.

We spend our day cooking at a professional teaching kitchen from 10am – 6pm. Packed with access to all the right equipment to create our culinary masterpieces. What will you create this summer?

We have heard a lot from our students about summer cooking camp programs they tried before; programs using hot plates and pre-made major ingredients for an hour or two per day (and they call it culinary arts?!?!)

We make all of our 100+ recipes from scratch; we have professional commercial kitchens to work in, and our staff is the best. Our campusLA kitchen is located at the Institute For Culinary Education, located at 521 East Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91101.

We chose The Institute For Culinary Education as our host venue because of the professional-level equipment and set-up. It is a true teaching kitchen, and everything is fully loaded. Just like our sister location in NYC, ICE provides us with a kitchen worthy of our slogan: Pro kitchens, Pro Chefs.

We looked at and studied over a dozen venues in the LA/SoCal area. We even heard of another program that uses hot plates in regular school classrooms. That’s not us. We are always about, first and foremost, pro kitchens. At ICE, we have created a relationship that has our students naturally surrounded by professional equipment and set-ups. Access to pro equipment, inside our proprietary academic structure, with our trained pro chefs… this program provides access for each and every student to get on a rocket to the future!

Students enjoying pro level instruction at our cooking camps.
Cooking camps:  Delicious!
Cooking camps: Delicious!


OUR RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM: Event Nights + Exploring Los Angeles

campusLA cooking camps is all about the greater Los Angeles area. At night and over the 4th of July weekend we have the opportunity to explore the best of what the are has to offer! We intend to make a fun trip to the visit the beach (of course) as well as top sites like the Observatory at Griffith Park, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Hollywood sign, and much much more!

Our students will be staying in a residence hall which is a 5-minute walk from the kitchen. So after the cooking day ends, we will walk back to the residences and relax, have time to clean up, and then depending on the day and the level of student interest, we will host and run our curated evening activities or go on trips to local destinations. Our cooking camps rock!

What makes the summer culinary program so amazing (besides our access to and use of professional-level kitchens) is of course our dedication to exploring everything LA has to offer, and in the process experience personal growth and possibility! We do the same thing at and campusATX and campusNYC!

Yummy tacos at our cooking camps
One of our cooking camps destinations after-hours

Places we see as possible Rogue Squad destinations for campusLA:

  • Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Rodeo Drive
  • Manhattan Beach shopping and surfing
  • Griffith Park Observatory
  • Venice Beach Boardwalk
  • Hollywood
  • Universal Studios
  • Sunset Strip
  • In-and-Out Burger
  • Chinatown
  • Pink’s Hot Dogs
  • Gourmet Food Trucks
  • and just too much to list!


Student Housing: A 5-minute walk from the kitchen!

Our students are staying in a student housing complex located just a few minutes away from the kitchen. During the school year this venue, Providence Christian College, is a traditional urban college campus. In the summer they only house summer camps and interns. They call it LA Intern: check out the video below. So the entire campus becomes a hub of cooking camps activity!

Suite-style living: All students live in suites, with a total of 4 students in each suite. Each suite comes with a kitchenette, a living room with couches and everything, and a bathroom. This is a great opportunity to experience living with roommates, and having a space you can call your own. This is going to be fun!

On-campus amenities: We can walk over to a space called The Parlors, a campus social building with tons of couches, TVs, tables for games and fun, and a movie projector. So whenever we want, we can go hang out there together and watch movies, play games, or just hang out (which is often the students’ favorite part of camp).

Here is a video of where our students will be housed this summer! Staff (including our EMT) live among the studentds to provide 24-hour security and oversight.

Watch the video about our cooking camps housing below:

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Cooking Camps: Student Testimonials

“This camp has been and always will be one of the best things I do during the summer. It is always something I look forward to and is something that I enjoy doing due to the cooking being more like it would be in a working kitchen then compared to my kitchen at my home. It allows me to grow in my knowledge and gives me the some of the tools and knowledge that I will need to go into the field of cooking. I would only miss the camp for a medical emergency or a family event, I’m not even joking, I love this camp.”

– William, age 16, Long Island, NY

“I love the fact that it felt like a real cooking camp rather than a camp that says “Today we are going to make chocolate chip cookies”. There were real skills being taught and learned.”

– Antoinnea, age 17, Bahamas

“My favorite thing was… everything!  I think it is a combination of the people, the chefs and the counselors.”

– Nicole, age 14, Chicago, IL

Summer Culinary:  America’s top cooking camp

This program is open to all students between the ages 12 – 17. While experience is suggested, it is not required. Our biggest requirement is a love of food, and a desire to learn culinary arts!

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Pro chefs. Pro kitchens. That’s us!

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