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The vision for our programs is that our residential students enjoy premier housing with luxury amenities located in amazing facilities near to where we actually want to be, period.

Simply renting sub-par non-air-conditioned rooms on a ‘brand-name’ campus that isn’t well-located doesn’t work for us. We aren’t about the College where we rent rooms… we are about the City… that’s why we think of our program as City-As-Campus.


Our teen culinary students in Austin live in Hardin House, an awesome, safe school just alongside the University Of Texas

At campusATX, our students and staff are staying in a luxurious private university housing development serving high-end students just off the UT campus called Hardin House. They say: “Hardin House’s trademark is a reputation of performance.  This is why people want to be a part of the privileged and talented group of residents who appreciate and enjoy the fruits of that philosophy.”

The property features numerous outdoor pools as well as social spaces, tv lounges, computer labs, gardens, patios, terraces and much more. It’s a lovely safe clean high-end and secure place in the middle of the action yet secluded and secure. We love it!

Being close to all the action, but behind the walls of the safe space of Hardin House is just perfect. If you know, you know. If you don’t, then come find out this summer!

Click HERE to visit campusATX’s housing page and see more pictures!!!!https://campusatx.org/housing/


All campusNYC culinary summer camp students are staying at a private high-end student premier residence hall located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  During the school year it is full of 9-month college students rentals and in the summer it houses campusNYC. There are several different social areas and common areas where we can socialize and congregate, and the building itself offers a fun evening events each night  Come check out the fully furnished rooms at the best culinary summer camp NYC!

The front door is staffed 24/7 and a swipe card is required to enter the turnstiles. It’s UES plush. It’s the best… steps to Central Park, and even has a NYC-style deli in the building with an interior entrance and discounts for residents. It’s just so very nice.

The front door security station is manned 24/7 and swipe cards are required for access; keeping the dorm safe for our students for our summer culinary program NYC!
The front door security station is manned 24/7 and swipe cards are required for access at our summer culinary program NYC!

Fully Furnished + Loaded Rooms

One of the many recreational spaces we can use in the dorm in NYC at our summer culinary program NYC!
Having fun at our summer culinary program NYC!

Rooms come fully furnished with AC, designer beds, desks, dressers, refrigerator/microwave, and even flat-screen TV with cable, so at the very end of the night you can relax with your roommate and after all the day and evening activities and other events, it is nice sometimes to simply kick back and enjoy the cool a/c and a cooking show on Bravo!

In-room bathrooms:  Every room has a private attached bathroom-something you won’t find in most college dorms-and air conditioning completes the awesomeness!

CLICK HERE to go to the campusNYC page with more information and pics!