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World’s best cooking summer camp Denver 2023.

Our program is tailored to individuals who are passionate about food and want to take their culinary abilities to the next level. We provide professional-grade instruction in commercial kitchens, taught by seasoned chefs. Our kitchen is fully equipped with professional tools, allowing for a wide range of recipe experimentation. At our cooking summer camp, our students have ample time to prepare an array of dishes entirely from scratch.

Our residential program at the University of Colorado- Denver gives students a taste of college life, right now. We are out to promote personal growth through community building and interaction with like-minded students. Having a roommate. Being responsible and accountable for themselves. This growth is key.

2023 DATES:

Cooking camp in Denver:

Session 1: July 9 – 15

Session 2: July 16 – 22

Session 3: July 23 – 29

Day and residential options available during all weeks!

Our cooking summer camp kitchen:


When it comes to the Summer Culinary family of programs, it always comes down to the kitchen. This is a pro level summer cooking camps with pro chefs in a pro kitchen.

We spend our day cooking at a professional teaching kitchen from 10am – 6pm. Packed with access to all the right equipment to create our culinary masterpieces. What will you create this summer? We make all of our recipes from scratch; we have professional commercial kitchens to work in, and our staff is the best.

Our kitchen is located at the Stir To Learn, an event space and fully equipped spacious commercial kitchen, and it is just awesome.

Check out a gallery of the kitchen and take a video tour HERE.

Stir Cooking School located in the Historic Ice House Building located HERE on a map.

1801 Wynkoop St

Denver, CO 80202

We met Kay Foster, the Founder of Stir Cooking school, and immediately knew that we needed to host our program in her amazing and enormous cooking school. During the rest of the year, Stir is a recreational Cooking School open to the public! They offer in person cooking classes in a group setting. But, in the summer Summer Culinary is taking over and we will be holding our unique brand of cooking classes that you cannot find anywhere else. Located in Downtown Denver, in the Historic Ice House building, a 16 minute walk from our dorms, makes this new kitchen location a home run.

More about Stir Cooking School and it’s founder can be found HERE.

It is a true professional kitchen! Pro kitchens, Pro Chefs.

Summer cooking camp kitchen in Denver!
Other view of the summer cooking camp kitchen
Summer cooking camp kitchen other view in Denver!
Pictures of the summer cooking camp kitchen area

Evenings: Explore Denver

University Of Colorado, Denver: our base of operations

CU – Denver is literally within walking distance of the kitchen and everything going on downtown.

After a day of cooking, our residential students walk back to the air-conditioned CU – Denver Residence Tower, equipped with swipe card access and a 24/7 staffed entrance. They go to cool off and change, hang out and get ready to go out. Some students just go straight to events if they choose to. Some students may take a night to just chill out in the dorm all night, resting and hanging out in the cool facilities with their roomie or new besties.

Downtown Denver has a ton of cool things to do, places to go, and lots of exploring is available. Our students get to choose their own adventure on some nights; on others wee may go do something cool as a group. Staff accompany students at all times, including to and from the kitchen as well as when exploring around town.

Fun pictures of things to do in Downtown Denver:

A field trip possibility for cooking summer students!
Who wants to go bowling (and to the arcade and much more?)

Evening Activities: all in walking distance!

cooking summer visits the mall


University Of Colorado, Denver: our cooking summer home

Our students are staying at University of Colorado – Denver, located just a short walk away from the kitchen! CU – Denver is a really cool university that offers many features.

CU – Denver is our home for cooking summer camp this summer! Just a short walk from the kitchen, the residence hall has such wonderful amenities and modern facilities that provides for a wonderful college experience for our students. Most of our kids will go on to College soon enough; this program is a way to find out a little bit about what that is like. Students are placed in doubles grouped by age primarily.

CU – Denver: 1201 Larimer Street Denver, CO 80204

Check out the campus website HERE.

VIDEO TOUR: You can find more about the facilities and video tour of the dorm HERE.

Dorm features:

 Fitness Center, Game Room, Home Theater, Half Court Basketball, Cozy Commons and the Cyber Cafe.

CU – Denver: 1201 Larimer Street, Denver, Colorado 80204

Students will be assigned doubles, and they experience a little bit about what life at College could be like! Decorate your room; bring fun lights… it’s your room!

Rooms feature ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning and more.

On-campus Experiences:

Our residential students will have breakfast in the dining hall before they head out for the day. After a full day in the kitchen, some of our kids just want to shower and relax. Others want to take advantage of the amenities of campus like the lounges, game room, or want to go check out some of the landmarks of beautiful Denver!

CU – Denver:

Our premier pre-college experience

Why CU – Denver is the premier pre-college experience for our cooking summer students

The opportunity to live in modern college housing now, as a high school student is priceless. Most of our kids will go on to College soon enough; this program is a way to find out a little bit about what that is like. Students are placed in doubles grouped by age primarily. They get the full experience. Swipe cards to get in. A roommate. They have to be responsible, accountable, and ontime. We empower the students at every turn.

The pre-college experience aspect of the Summer Culinary location in Denver is very important. It is perhaps the most collegiate of our locations because our students can walk from the dorm literally to explore tons of fun safe places to go, and they can walk to the kitchen. It’s a perfect urban campus.

Give your student the gift of pre-college experience AND a first-rate culinary education. Come as a residential student and have it all!

cooking summer classes at CU Denver 2
UC – Denver exterior

These are all pics of campus!

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Cooking Camps: Student Testimonials

“This camp changed my son’s life for the better. He was able to find a community of adults and students that shared the same passion he had for cooking and food. Everyone was so welcoming and supportive. Not only did they have a great time in the kitchen and learning, but did fun activities in the evening to bond and create an inclusive environment. He did 1 week of camp in ATX and already wants to go back for 2 weeks next year…and maybe even travel to NYC or LA!”

– 2022 Parent

“This was the best camp that I have ever been to. I would recommend it to anyone who likes cooking. I seriously had the best time and met some of my closest friends here.

– Marten, age 15, Chicago

“The experience is very eye opening to the world of culinary arts. It’s an open environment where no matter who you are you can feel safe and learn so many amazing things.”

– Theodore, age 15, Rancho Palos Verdes

Summer Culinary:  America’s top cooking camp

This program is open to all students between the ages 12 – 17. While experience is suggested, it is not required. Our biggest requirement is a love of food, and a desire to learn culinary arts!

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Pro chefs. Pro kitchens. That’s us!

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