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Summer Culinary

First-class sleepaway and day cooking camp for ages 12-17.
Pro Chefs. Pro Kitchens.



Welcome to Summer Culinary

Our flagship location in the heart of Manhattan. Located near Grand Central Station, this program features unique pastry and savory cooking tracks and multiple 1- and 2-week sessions. If cooking in the kitchen all day and heading out to foodie excursions in the evenings across NYC sounds like you, join us!

For all skill levels; sleepaway and day options available.

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Our huge kitchen is near many cool food start-ups and food truck cook spots, so we have easy access to foodie entrepreneurs cooking the latest Cali craze. Combine that with SoCal foodie destinations in the evenings as well as the beach, Hollywood and more. If California appeals to you, join us!

For all skill levels; sleepaway and day options available.

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Pro chefs. Pro kitchens.

Our student chefs love food and want to build their skills… and they want to explore one of our world-class host cities in the evenings with our curated tours and skilled staff.

We accept all skill levels. What is required is a love of food and a desire to learn. We take you from exactly where you are to just where you want to go! We focus on skill building like plating, sauces, glazes and knife use, and we make over 100 amazing recipes from scratch. Come see why we are the best!

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We created this premier cooking camp for teens who are serious about learning to cook regardless of their skill level.

The criteria for choosing any cooking camp should be: (1) what kind of kitchen is used, (2) are the instructors actual professional chefs, and (3) how much time per day are your students in the kitchen? Our answers are professional and fully outfitted, with professional chefs, and we are in the kitchen 5-6 hours per day!

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Great times at Summer Culinary cooking camp!
Great times at Summer Culinary cooking camp!

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Student Testimonials

“This camp has been and always will be one of the best things I do during the summer. It is always something I look forward to and is something that I enjoy doing due to the cooking being more like it would be in a working kitchen then compared to my kitchen at my home. It allows me to grow in my knowledge and gives me the some of the tools and knowledge that I will need to go into the field of cooking. I would only miss the camp for a medical emergency or a family event, I’m not even joking, I love this camp.”

– William, age 16, Long Island, NY

“I love the fact that it felt like a real cooking camp rather than a camp that says “Today we are going to make chocolate chip cookies”. There were real skills being taught and learned.”

– Antoinnea, age 17, Bahamas

“My favorite thing was… everything!  I think it is a combination of the people, the chefs and the counselors.”

– Nicole, age 14, Chicago, IL

Summer Culinary:  America’s top cooking camp

This program is open to all students between the ages 12 – 17. While experience is suggested, it is not required. Our biggest requirement is a love of food, and a desire to learn culinary arts!

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Pro chefs. Pro kitchens. That’s us!

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