campusATX: Our Austin location

Cooking classes in the coolest city!

We offer cooking classes and summer culinary programs across the country. Why pick our Austin location? One word: vibe

There is something about the vibe at our ATX location. The students gel in a way that is unique. It might be the sweet dorms. It might be the huge pro kitchen or the chefs. We think its thee students… each and every student seems just perfect!

We attract students from around the country and around the world. They love food and want to build their skills. We create endless possibilities in the kitchen! What do you want to create this summer? What skill are you looking to develop and grow? What will you make of your summer?

COVID Vaccination NOT required at our Austin, TX location

2023 Dates

3 one-week sessions:

Session 1: June 18th – June 24th

Session 2: June 25th – July 1st

Session 3: July 2nd – July 8th

day and sleepaway available at all sessions

Last summer our cooking classes in Austin were a huge hit. Just like our programs in around the country, the foundation of our cooking camp and cooking classes is strong, professional culinary instruction led by pro chefs in a great professional kitchen. And for our residential students, the evening and night-time experience cap a fantastic day!

In Austin you can choose up to 3 sessions. Students that choose to attend all cooking classes and sessions will have the opportunity to try some recipes again, and a whole new set of recipes as well! Last summer about a third of the kids did all sessions, so either way you go, you will have fun.

Our program accepts students from ages 12-17. We also welcome students of all ability levels, with a proprietary curriculum designed to rocket each student forward individually from where they are, to where they want to go. Our cooking classes are wonderful.

COOKING COMPETITION: Parent are invited! As always at a Summer Culinary program, each week is capped by our massive Chopped competition, where the students compete, cooking for a panel of judges. In our Austin, our cooking classes are awesome and parents can attend in person the final competition! Parents are invited to come, sit at tables, and try the food from each student group. This is a super fun way to cap off a great week… and it is a great way for families to see their student in action, in their personalized chef coat, create epic culinary masterpieces! Join us this summer.


When it comes to the Summer Culinary family of programs, it always starts with the kitchen. This is the premier summer cooking camp: pro chefs in a pro kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart and soul of our program and in Austin we have a great professional kitchen in a fantastic new commercial kitchen called Ghostline Kitchens. Talk about Texas cooking class! As always at Summer Culinary, a pro kitchen staffed by pro chefs is the recipe for a great experience!

Ghostline Kitchen is a huge new modern ghost kitchen located at:

Ghostline Kitchen 3400 Comsouth Drive, Austin TX 78744 or click HERE

Daily Schedule:

Here is what an average day at campusATX looks like:

8am – 9am: Residential students get up, get dressed and have breakfast at Hardin House

9am – 9:30: Get ready and depart for kitchen in an air-conditioned bus

10am – 6pm: All students are in the kitchen. They take part in skill development exercises like knife skills, and they cook their own lunch and dinner as part of the larger culinary instruction. Everything is made from scratch and everyone cooks!

6pm: Day students head home, residential students go back to dorm

6:20pm – 9:30pm: Some evenings the students just want to sit by the pool, swim, and enjoy the amenities of Hardin House which is very nice. Some evenings they clean up and head out to enjoy Austin. Last summer we went bowling, to the movies, to visit the food trucks, Voodoo Donuts and all the other places listed here. These evenings are student-driven and we are flexible too, so depending on the day and the mood we do all sorts of fun stuff! See below for details of specific destinations.

austin texas cooking classes at sunset



One of the best parts about our program is all of the fun we have when we aren’t in the kitchen in our cooking classes. For our residential students, this mean exploring the Austin community and surrounding area. Check out this gallery of fun pics from last summer! Our goal is to seek out the fun, safe cool stuff to do… when we aren’t sitting by the pool that is!

Event Nights are when we as a group go to one awesome destination together!

Roque Squads: Our students created the term “Rogue Squads”. That is when our students break into small pods – with a counselor in each pod – and they form a squad and they go out on missions that THEY create.

Austin has become one of the coolest cities in the world. Come see why!

Most of our nights are chosen organically and are student-driven.

Last summer the best part of the program (other than the kitchen work of course) was the chance the students got to make new friends, with like-minded interests, and to spend some amazing time together.

Food Trucks

The Food Truck revolution lives in Austin! Maybe because the trucks go to very cool spots where lots of people are up to amazing things…. and talking to the operators, seeing what they make, swapping tips and recipes…. this is a required trip during the day for our Texas cooking camp! We also do an exercise in the kitchen where we invent our own food truck concept so this counts as market research!

Franklin BBQ – a certain Rogue Squad stop

Franklin Barbecue is literally the most famous and well-known barbecue shop on the planet (as far as they would say!). A stop at Franklin is really a must for anyone who eats meat, and a double-must for our budding chefs. The cooks at Franklin are happy to share with our students… and we are happy to soak it up!

Shopping on South Congress

Our students will have the chance to pick up unique Texas finds, souvenirs, tasty snacks and funky cool shops when we make our way to South Congress. This area has all the quirkiest shops and a ton that you already know. It’s a great place to grab some Amy’s Ice Cream, try on cowboy boots, and relax with a little retail therapy.

austin texas cooking classes dorm building


Our students and staff are staying in a luxurious private university housing development serving high-end students just off the UT campus called Hardin House.

They say: “Hardin House’s trademark is a reputation of performance.  This is why people want to be a part of the privileged and talented group of residents who appreciate and enjoy the fruits of that philosophy.” Hardin House is a fancy all-women’s residence hall during the academic year and open its door to a couple of select co-ed residential camps during the summer. We are lucky to be one of them!

The property features numerous outdoor pools as well as social spaces, tv lounges, computer labs, gardens, patios, terraces and much more. It’s a lovely safe clean high-end and secure place in the middle of the action yet secluded and secure for our cooking classes students. We love it! We also love the pools at our campusLA location!

Hardin House is located at: 2206 Rio Grande St.,Austin TX 6717 or. click HERE

Safety: the only way in and out of the Hardin House complex is through the main door which is staffed 24/7, which adds a level of security and oversight that we like!

Bathrooms in suite: All of the rooms at Hardin House have the bathroom in the room, so all students are only sharing a bathroom with their roommate. No walking down the hall in a towel here! This is such a nice and convenient way to spend the summer.

Last summer our kids spent a lot of time at the pools and in the main building, which we took over! This really was the heart and center of the program for our cooking classes residential kids. They got to just hang out with other kids who love to cook and are basically awesome actually. Be the main character, try on a new future now at our Austin, Texas cooking class in Austin because honestly, last summer was just about as much fun as any of us could have imagined! It was the time in the dorm, new roommates, just hanging out, that after all was said and done may just have been the best part…. and thats saying a heckuva lot!

This program was created after the style and vibe of our flagship location in New York City, campusNYC!

Austin cooking classes housing 1
Everybody gets a cool room at our cooking camp Texas style!
Austin cooking classes housing 2
Movie room and lots of spots to chill after hours!
Austin cooking classes housing awesome
Cool lounges for hanging out with lots of stuff to do!
Austin cooking classes housing 3
Workout rooms and other spaces we can use and explore on our down time!
Austin cooking classes housing 4
Several outdoor pools are around for our use!

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Cooking Camp: Student Testimonials

“My favorite thing about campusATX was the general experience of what it’s like to work in a professional culinary setting”

– 2021 campusATX student

“I liked that everyone was able to be friends with each other, including the counselors.”

– 2021 campusATX student

“I love the fact that it felt like real cooking classes rather than a camp that says “Today we are going to make chocolate chip cookies”. There were real skills being taught and learned.”

– Summer Culinary student

“The movie and the Barton Springs were my favorite because they gave me a chance to see Austin and the city”

– 2021 campusATX student

Summer Culinary:  America’s top cooking camp

This program is open to all students between the ages 12 – 17. While experience is suggested, it is not required. Our biggest requirement is a love of food, and a desire to learn culinary arts!

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