Catching up with Grégoire

1.  Why did you choose to register in our program initially?

New-York based campus for a young french boy that wanted to discover the city while enjoying his passion : cooking

2.  After camp, did you notice any breakthroughs your child may have had as a result of attending our program, academically, socially or in any other way? 

He enjoyed the experience, the spirit of the training, and continued to cook actively. The program woke him up and he realized the world was small and loved discover other cultures.

3.  In the last years since attending our program, can you see where our program has had any impact on their life?

It was for him an eyes opener for cooking abroad, living abroad, meeting all the kids from everywhere.

4.  What is your student up to these days?  Does it relate to their work in our program?

After the normal french courses at college, Gregoire joined a French school to become a Chef. He is in 2d year, at Ferrandi Paris

5.  What was their major in school, and if they have graduated, what are they up to now? In high school he was doing Economics & Natural Sciences; he is now in Culinary School!

6.  Did attending our program alter the course of your student’s life in any way?

Gregoire continued to enjoy cooking and decided to become a Chef. For his 3rd year, he will have to work as an internship abroad, and wants to come in North America. We do believe this is linked to campusNYC

Here is what Gregoire had to say:

1.  What is your relationship to cooking now?

I am in culinary school, studying to be a chef.

2.  Do you have a positive memory from camp you can share?

Everything was nice, from the lessons to the life on site and the visits during the period. Lots of fun

3.  Are you still in touch with anybody from camp?

Yes, some contact, especially still with foreigners like me attending the program

4.  In what ways did attending our program make a difference for you, anywhere in your life?

A good step to confirm what I want to do, discovering another environment.

5.  What are you up to now?  Where are you headed in life?

I’m in my 2d year to become a Chef. I’m currently in a 2 stars Michelin Restaurant in France for my professional break.

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This camp changed my son's life for the better. He was able to find a community of adults and students that shared the same passion he had for cooking and food. Everyone was so welcoming and supportive. Not only did they have a great time in the kitchen and learning, but did fun activities in the evening to bond and create an inclusive environment. He did 1 week of camp in ATX and already wants to go back for 2 weeks next year...and maybe even travel to NYC or LA!
2022 Parent
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